Zine and site.

I was tasked with researching and composing a comprehensive biography speaking to the work of a past CMU design grad. Then I was to present that information in both print and digital medium.

Project Constraints:
-Copy: 800-word bio, 3 Q+A, 3 points of my perspective, 6 examples of designers work
-Print: 8.5x11, 3 spreads + cover and back, contains all copy
-Digital: responsive website, 3 points of interaction, contains all copy


I chose to write about the head of Wall-to-Wall (W|W) Studios, Bernard Uy. His corporate success paired with spiritual and creative happiness inspired me to write his story as a sort of commentary on the struggle of college students, centred around a culture of stress and existential uncertainty.


Beginning with the print piece I started to make type decisions, I created a system of hierarchy surrounding a melding of my personal style and some of W|W's corporate identity.


Working with my type decisions and some vague ideas I had surrounding the imagery I would be using I made decisions about appropriate grids and column widths for the print piece.

I chose to use both W|W's corporate branding/identity design work and some images from their early years to continue to tell the parallel story of Bernards success in his personal and professional life.


Beginning work on the web version of this piece I made the decision to create a single scrolling page. I felt that the amount of information I had to represent wouldn't work well on multiple pages and a single scroll would be successful in representing my story and the timeline I had created and embedded in the content.

For interaction, I created a simple nav bar that allows the viewer to jump between important breaking points in the content.

This project was a challenge to my understanding of style in communication. I was working throughout the project to represent the voice and style of Bernard, W|W, and still myself.

Also, this was my first time creating a system of communication that bridged the print and web medium to communicate similar information on different platforms simultaneously.

Process. Process. Zine cover. Zine spread 1. Zine spread 2. Zine spread 3.

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