As a group myself, Maddie Headrick, and Serina Liu worked to create expression through motion in the context of a "smart" car.

We started by creating basic shape, motion, emotion relationships to explore visualizing a CUI (Conversational User Interface).

Together we decided to use an appropriate brand (Tesla) and began to reimagine our most successful explorations within that brand language utilizing the stylized 'E' found in their logo.

To create a finished product we contextualized the CUI into a video narrative, highlighting specific uses and strengths our CUI could offer to the user of the Tesla brand.

Tesla waking up, listening, and going into action.

Scheduling and Reminders.
"Add dinner to my calendar."
"Set a reminder to check if we have milk."

"Take me to work."
"Navigate to nearest grocery store."

Mechanical changes.
"Check battery."
"Turn on sport driving mode."

Interior comfort.
"Turn up the heat."
"Move my seat back."

Making and Recieving Calls.

Original exploration. No brand identity in mind.

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