For about 7 months I was the head of web design for the Lunar Gala creative team. I worked alongside the creative director, head of print, and photo. I lead a team of six designers and coders.

In the early stages of the project I worked on developing a visual and conceptual theme for the show and it's branding with the CD and other heads. My team and I then worked to design and build a website to announce the theme and represent the people behind the show.

Our visual and conceptual inspiration came from dramatic environmentally descriptive photography + cinematography. We were interested in communicating about an ebb and flow of bounty, things that are lost, remembered, yearned for.

Most of our work on the website was done concerning baking in conceptual models and complexity through alternative interactions + code + visuals.

Most importantly we attempted to create a sense of physical space on the site. But we also emphasized the effect of degradation + change over time with an evolving type system. We affected color, stroke, and a glitch .svg filter in the weeks between the theme launch and the event.

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