This was a collaborative project I worked on with my fellow CMU Design student, Serina Liu. The poster is a "how-to" guide for modelling 3D forms in low-density pink foam. We created this poster to communicate our experience and the skills that we learned from a previous project as well as to develop a visual language together.

I had my first experience stepping out of my own point of view as a designer on two fronts with this project. The educational content of the poster forced me to account specifically for an audience. I began to understand how important it can be to look past my personal opinion and taste or that of a professor to create a successful design for a user. Similarly, I was forced to work intimately with a partner, making sure both of our individual styles and conceptual voices were present and complimentary in the end product.

Poster and wireframe. Process. My partner, Serina Liu's site.

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