Final. Final. Final. Final. Poster.

Our class created a poster series for our final show, 17 distinct stories of immigrants portrayed with large scale text.

Project Constraints:
-At least three distinct typographic voices must be represented in the final
-All full black text on white paper (optional single color can be applied by hand)
-36x72 hanging poster
-No photographic imagery (type can be used as image)
-Copy: Main text (personal story of an immigrant), fact & quote (support, contrast, enforce, or clarify the main text)

Lazar and Dina's story. Process.

I chose Lazar and Dina's story because of how different their voices are, I wanted to embrace the two characters and illustrate the contention and frustration in their story. I knew that to successfully communicate on such a large scale I would need to accentuate their voice through typographic scale and image. I took inspiration from designers who were living similar lives to Lazar and Dina giving Dina the voice of a Russian activist and Lazar an American ad man.

Final. Final.

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