My Virtual Barber.

Due to the coronavirus non-essential businesses had to shut down to flatten the curve. Although the edict was felt in many different ways. The closure of barber shops and hair salons left many people without a way to cut their hair.

I was inspired by the form and accessibility of existing trimmers many people have in their homes. Along with my very overgrown hair!

I designed a service idea called my Virtual Barber where people could sign up online with a local barber shop and be sent the proper guides based on their hair style. Then he or she could video conference with the barber, allowing the barber to guide the client through the hair cut. I designed one of the touchpoints; a fade guide that clips onto existing trimers and uses a guiding "shoe" that is under tension to adjust the length of cut.

I began by defining the service and its use cases then building out the one touchpoint for it. I mainly imagined myself in terms of creating the service, but to continue with this I would look more specifically at who the service could exactly target especially immobile people like the elderly who may not be able to go to a salon or barber shop.

david chikowski